SELF PUBLISH RIGA is a series of events dedicated to photobooks and selfpublishing, organised by ISSP as part of Riga Photomonth. It consists of an international book dummy competition, photobook exhibition from all over the world and an extensive public programme including presentations, discussions, workshops and guided tours.

SELF PUBLISH RIGA 2018 took place from May 10 to June 3, 2018, at the ISSP Gallery, Riga. The 2018 edition was dedicated to photobooks & text, and the exhibition featured a photobook collection on this theme curated by Evita Goze (ISSP, LV), as well as the best photobook dummies submitted to the SELF PUBLISH RIGA open call, the latest photobooks from the Baltics (curated by Evita Goze), historical Latvian photobooks (curated by Arnis Balčus, Riga Photomonth, LV), a selection of publications by Akina Books, as well as installation of "Corbeau" by artist Anne Golaz (CH/FI).

Participants: Lisa Stein (UK), Anne Golaz (FI/CH) & Antoine Jaccoud (CH), Dieter Neubert (DE), Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli, Akina Books (IT), Juanan Requena (ES), Kaunas Photography Gallery (LT), MACK Books (UK), Lugemik (EE), Orbīta (LV), FK (LV), Neputns (LV), Andrejs Strokins (LV), Māra Brašmane (LV), Vladimirs Svetlovs (LV), Alnis Stakle (LV), Andrejs Grants (LV), Eva Saukāne (LV), Inga Erdmane (LV), Justinas Vilutis (LT), Kārlis Bergs (LV), Līga Spunde (LV), Madara Gritāne (LV), Paul Paper (LT), Romāns Korovins (LV), Visvaldas Morkevicius (LT).