ISSP Riga Residency

See selected artists visiting us in 2024.

Update, July 2024: After six glorious years or running the United Riga Residency together with kuš! comics, and having hosted over 100 photographers and artists from all parts of the world, we have to say goodbye to our wonderful residency apartment in Riga.

While the new home for the residency programme is being searched, starting from September 2024 we are open to hosting photographers and artists working with photography in an "off-site" modality. 

We can help you orient around Riga, provide official invitation for funding applications, introduce to local photography and contemporary culture scene, find right contacts and other type of assistance for implementing your project. We can also help you find accommodation in Riga or with our partners - we cooperate with some wonderful locations in the countryside of Latvia. 

Any topical interaction with our students and local photographic/artistic community is welcome. 

About the programme: 
The ISSP Riga Residency provides an opportunity for concentrated work on a personal research or art project informed by interaction with Riga and its residents (or elsewhere in Latvia), or much needed time to rethink and complete ongoing work. We welcome photographers and artists interested in exploring the local social and cultural context and connecting to ISSP platform of activities and other contemporary art and culture actors in Latvia. 

image: Emma Bäcklund, 2023

Who can apply?
ISSP residency programme is open for photographers and artists working with photography or any type of image - based art. There are no limitations regarding age, background or photographic style of the participants. The residents will be accepted based on the strength of their portfolio and calendar possibilities. Collaborative projects engaging local residents are very welcome. 

Duration and timing 
One or two months. The programme is planned in full month slots, from 1 to last day of the month. Longer stays are heartily recommended if you plan to develop locally-based work. 

Participation fee
Unfortunately, we don't have any public funds for the residency at the moment, so the programme is self-funded. The participation fee for the "off-site" residency is 200 EUR per calendar month. Applying is free of charge of course. 

What we offer: 
- an official invitation letter that you can use to apply for public funding,
- provide some help with finding accommodation in Riga (if you contact us in advance) or in the countryside of Latvia (we collaborate with Laidi Palace Residency in Kuldīga district, Viskaļi Free Riga, and other possible great locations),
- access to the ISSP local network and introduction to Riga art and contemporary culture scene,
- review and feedback on your work-in-progress,
- contact with a friendly local coordinator who can provide local tips and support, 
- a possibility to use photo-library and extra equipment at the ISSP premises,
- a possibility to meet with the local community at an artist talk, to organise a pop-up exhibition, a small workshop, or other events as mutually agreed.

What we expect from the residents:
- to work on their artistic project in Riga / Latvia for the period of the residency,
- to be open to interact with the local audience in the form of an artist talk or other public event,
- within one month upon the completion of the residency, to send us a selection of images produced for publicity purposes.

Send us an email at with short information about yourself, link to your portfolio or website, and idea why would you like to come to Riga/ Latvia. Please also indicate which months you will be able to come. 
Whilst sometimes last-minute applications are possible, we recommend applying the earlier the better, at least 3-6 months before the start of the residency period. 
Let us know if you have any questions!

The Riga Residency is curated by ISSP – a platform for contemporary photography, art and education. More information about our activities here:

Host town
Riga stands at a geographical and cultural crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe and has a multicultural history. The largest city in the Baltic States, Riga offers plenty of tradition and historical charm, while its urban neighbourhoods still bear witness to post-Soviet reality. There is an active art and culture scene with plenty to discover; the countryside with beautiful forests and beaches can be easily reached by public transport. 


During 2018 – 2024 we hosted over 100 artists from different corners of Europe and some from further away in the world. You can get an insight into some of the work produced in Riga in the galleries below.  

In case of questions, contact us at 

In the period July 2021 - December 2023 the Residency was supported by the Nordic Culture Point (project "United Riga Residency for photographers and illustrators").