Flâneur - New urban narratives
April 2015 – March 2017

Flâneur - New urban narratives is an European art project that encourages photographers to work in an urban environment, enabling a fresh look at the dynamics of European cities and their geographic and social landscapes. Through international photography residencies, exhibitions and events, the project will explore the idea of a “flâneur” in the daily reality of Europeans. More than simple clichés, the project seeks to find what is not obvious in the city, searching for alternative ways of understanding urban space and its singularities, as well contributing to reflections on public space and urban social development.

Flâneur is working on documenting cultural diversity as a key element of modern cities, as well as its importance regarding the creation of a common cultural identity. The project includes a network of festivals and cultural institutions that will engage artists, cities and audiences across territories with a new approach on urban geographic and social landscapes and high quality art in public spaces. Flâneur is a catalyst for the initiation of a European cultural network with photo festivals, museums and organizations from 9 European countries that will promote, research, participate and develop actions under this framework for two years. The work is being developed in 9 cities, in different contexts and realities, with their own social, geographical and cultural references. 

In Riga, an artist residency for two photographers will be held in April - May 2016. The two artists chosen were Alex F. Webb and Jonas Feige. A presentation event with the results of the residency will happen in May 2016, during the Riga Photomonth. 

During the International Summer School of Photography 2016 in Kuldīga, Latvia there will be also be a workshop with photographer Federico Claverino dedicated to the idea of contemporary “flâneurs”.

The partners of Flâneur are Procur.arte (Portugal), Onthemove (Italy), QUAD/FORMAT (UK), PhotoIreland Festival (Ireland), Vsl Sviesos rastas (Lithuania), Triennale de Photographie Hamburg (Germany), Cap Magellan (France), Lluèrnia Associació Cultural (Spain), Fundacja Edukacji Wizualnej (Poland), CM Lisboa / EGEAC(Portugal), ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal), Universidade Nova (Portugal), Canal 180 (Portugal).

The project is funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

More information: www.flnr.org

Contact: ieva@issp.lv