NORK Magazine Vol. 5

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In vol.5 you can travel to the moon and back without leaving the comfort of your own couch. This issue is dedicated to the holy cosmos, the universe which engulfs us all with its dark matter, planets, galaxies and comets. Our fascination with it goes back as far as human beings have slinked around on this blue floating bulb. In NORK Volume 5 we've approached space from several different angles, both in a literal and a more abstract sense. The result is a starry mixture of out-of-this-world illustrations, bold photography and contemporary stories, poems and interviews that aim to make you forget about rainy days, pandemics, mad politicians and what's for dinner.

The «Nork Magazine» is a contemporary lifestyle, arts and culture medium in Northern Norway. It attracts an international audience to the issues and artistic scene of the region. The magazine is a joint project of the publisher and creative director Agnese Zīle and the editor Marion Bovier. Agnese came up with the idea for the magazine after she started living in Tromsø above the Arctic Circle. Agnese realized there is no platform for young artists to showcase their work. 

Issue: #5
Size: 215 x 275 mm, 144 pages
Language : English / Norwegian

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