Visual narratives: European borderlines applications open

We are very glad to announce the Call for Applications for participating photographers for the long-term international photography project “Visual narratives: European borderlines”. The project has just started and will go on until the end of 2012.

The project is an initiative of photography organisations in four countries and will be implemented by ISSP in Latvia, GAPO in Turkey, Maioclaro in Portugal and Icelandic Contemporary Photography association and Reykjavik museum of photography in Iceland.

12 participants – 3 young photography artists from each country – will be selected to take part in the educational and creative programme with an aim to come up, in the end, with a comprehensive visual narrative of the countries and people standing ‘on the edge’ of Europe. The participants will be offered two training workshops and a residency in one of the project countries. For the period of nine months, they will be engaged in creating their individual work – a story linking together material from their home country and the country of residence. The work will be supervised by experienced documentary photographers Vanessa Winship (Agency VU - FR) and George Georgiou (Panos pictures – UK, Prospekt - IT), and supported by country tutors/coordinators.

The project will explore and broaden the notion of documentary photography. Our aim is to contribute to discussion about contemporary photography and photography education in the participating countries. It is also our hope that the final output of the project will go beyond a collection of differences and contrasts, and will discover similarities and connections that may help to bridge the gap between the ‘European borderlines’, for the participants and the audience alike. Above all, the project will promote and develop young talents in photography.

Participation in the project is open to young photographers who are: nationals or residents of Iceland, Latvia, Portugal and Turkey, 18 – 35 years old, work with photography as a medium of self-expression and have realized individual projects in photography, passionate about story-telling, know English language.

Young photographers from Latvia, Turkey, Iceland and Portugal are invited to apply by 20 May 2011!

More information at the project website:

The project is supported by European Cultural Foundation and OSI Arts and Culture Program.

On Art and Activism :: J. Jordan – In-between Everything

On April 21, 18.30 we start a series of lectures on art and activism with an online talk by the 'magician of rebellion', co-founder of Reclaim The Streets movement J. Jordan (FR) - "In-between Everything: art and activism, nature and culture, male and female – a non-binary guide to creative rebellion”.

21. aprīlī plkst. 18.30 aicinām uz 'dumpju burvja', Reclaim the Streets kustības līdzdibinātāja J. Jordana tiešsaistes lekciju “Visam pa vidu: māksla un aktīvisms, daba un kultūra, vīrišķais un sievišķais – radošas sacelšanās nebinārās vadlīnijas”.

Parallel Open Call 2019

PARALLEL call for new artists / new curators is now open! Apply now to be on PARALLEL's 3rd cycle and become part of a vast network of artists, curators and other art professionals that will help you through your creative process, from idea to exhibition. Application deadline - March 31st. 

Parallel - European Photo Based Platform

We are very excited to be a part of new European platform - PARALLEL, that brings together 18 European arts organisations, emerging artists and curators to promote a new quality standard for contemporary photography - the first of its kind co-funded by the European Platforms of Creative Europe.

Dust and Gold

Happy to present the work created by artist Vika Eksta during her residency at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, September - October 2016, as part of the project Alternative Storytelling.

Vika's video piece speaks about past and contemporary ways of archiving, also including conversations with people engaged in the practice. For the artist this was also her first personal encounter with Egypt – a country with a rich history and a complicated present. 

Putekļi un zelts

Aicinām uz pasākumu Putekļi un zelts - vakaru mūsdienu Ēģiptes atmosfērā, kas notiks 1. decembrī plkst. 19.30 Aleponijā. Septembra nogalē māksliniece Vika Eksta pavadīja trīs nedēļas mūsu organizētajā rezidencē Townhouse galerijā, Kairā, Ēģiptē, projekta Alternative Storytelling ietvaros. Šajā laikā tapa multimediāli darbi un vizuālas piezīmes par pavadīto laiku zemē ar bagātu pagātni, haotisku tagadni un neskaidru nākotni. 

Pelču leģendas - darbnīca Pelču iedzīvotājiem

Aicinām Pelču iedzīvotājus vecumā no 18 gadiem pieteikties radošai fotodarbnīcai "Pelču leģendas", kas notiks Starptautiskās fotogrāfijas vasaras skolas (ISSP) ietvaros no 2. - 3. jūlijam un no 6. - 14. augustam!

Flâneur rezidences prezentācija: Alekss F. Vebs, Jonass Feige + Orbīta

Ielūdzam uz Flâneur rezidences prezentāciju K.K.fon Stricka villā 25.maijā plkst 18:30 - savus Rīgā tapušos darbus vienreizējā instalācijā prezentēs mākslinieki Alekss F. Vebs un Jonass Feige. Notikums tapis sadarbībā ar radošo kolektīvu Orbīta.

We cordially invite you to the Flâneur residency presentation event featuring the works of Alex F. Webb and Jonas Feige created during their month long residency in Riga on 25 May at K.K.fon Stricka villa! The event is organised in collaboration with the Orbita collective.

Artist talks: Alex F. Webb, Jonas Feige

We cordially invite you to talks by the Flâneur project resident artists in Riga - Alex F. Webb and Jonas Feige on Wednesday 11 May 6.30 pm at the ISSP Studio! 

Aicinām uz Flâneur projekta rezidences mākslinieku Aleksa F. Veba un Jonasa Feiges autorvakaru trešdien, 11. maijā plkst. 18.30 ISSP Studijā!