Parallel Masterclass with Void :: Final showcase

No 6. līdz. 14. jūnijam platformas Void dibinātāju vadībā norisinājās online grāmatu meistarklase, kuras laikā Latvijas fotogrāfi un mākslinieki strādāja pie savu izdevumu veidošanas. Darba rezultāti – sešas grāmatas un viena spēle – tiks prezentēti pasākumā, kas 30. jūnijā plkst. 18.30 notiks tiešsaistē un ISSP telpās.

From 6 to 14 June, Void founders Myrto Steirou, João Linneu and Sylvia Sachini worked with selected Latvian photographers to conceptualise, edit and produce unique publications with their artistic work. On 30 June at 18.30, the presentation of six books and one game will take place online and at the ISSP.

Autori un nosaukumi / Authors and titles:
Arta Kauliņa – "Galda Runa"
Evita Ķestere – "A Sense of Decadence - and the Unlikelihood of a New Understanding"
Ιveta Gabaliņa – "Roll, roll, morning dew"
Laura Sokolovska – "Poligons"
Linda Klētniece – "Face Times"
Linda Vigdorčika – "Knots"
Sanita Andiņa – "Stop the Train I Want to Get Out" 

Pasākums notiek festivāla "Rīgas Fotomēnesis 2020" programmā. / The event is part of Riga Photomonth program.

The workshop was co-funded by the Creative Europe programme with the support of Antalis and Parallel.

ISSP is moving to Kuldīga

Now, this is not a 1st April joke, its official: the ISSP international summer school is moving to Kuldīga! Though it all happened a little suddenly, we are happy with the new situation. The new location, Pelči boarding school, is 4 km away from town, so we’ll keep all the intimacy of the campus. Kuldīga is a gem and a runner up UNESCO world heritage site, it will for sure charm everyone.
Besides, we will have a real castle all for ourselves - imagine ! :)

Coming up - ISSP 2011 & more

Many, many things in process. By the end of the month, we will be ready to announce the applications for Summer School 2011. You can already find some information about 2011 workshops and teachers here. We will also have a brand - new website, and more exciting news coming up soon!

Aktuāli: ISSP BW lab

ISSP invites all interested in Black and White analogue process and looking for lab facilities to become 2011 members of our BW Lab in Andrejsala (Riga). Lab members can use fully equipped ISSP BW lab for a year - pretty much without any time limits. Full info in Latvian below. For more info, please call Arnis :)

ISSP 2011 - dates

Hallo everyone! The dates for International Summer School of Photography 2011 are 6 - 14 August, and we plan to announce the applications as usual around end March - beginning of April. Stay tuned!

ISSP Exhibition “Reference point” in Riga

A short video-documentation of ISSP 2010 exhibition “Reference Point” currently on show at Goethe Institute in Riga is available on vimeo! For those who still have not seen it, the exhibition  will be on show till January 30.

And, btw, as of January 2011 the ISSP 2010 catalogues and the complete collection of 2006 - 2010 catalogues can be purchased at the Latvian Museum of Photography (you can also take a look at them for free at kim? reading room, Satori, META cafe, Istaba and couple of other places).

ISSP meklē 2011.g. BW laboratorijas biedrus & laboratorijas vadītāju

ISSP meklē melnbaltās foto-laboratorijas 2011.gada biedrus un laboratorijas vadītāju.

ISSP Laboratorija Andrejsalā (bijušajā “Ēdnīcas” ēkā) darbojās kopš 2009.gada. Tā satur visu nepieciešamo aprīkojumu, lai pašrocīgi attīstītu filmas un kopētu bildes. Piedāvājam tiem, kam aktīvi interesē melnbaltais analogais fotoprocess un iespēja regulāri izmantot laboratoriju, kļūt par 2011.gada Laboratorijas biedriem.

Peter Bialobrzeski on ISSP

Last but not least - Peter Bialobrzeski on ISSP (17 October 2010):

ISSP 2010 was the best photography event I have participated in this year. Teaching there was special, a childhood-like summer with plenty of lovely people, fellow teachers and workshop participants likewise. The workshop was an intense work experience with a lovely holiday feel about it!

Roger Ballen on ISSP

Roger Ballen on ISSP (31 August 2010):

It was a wonderful experience teaching at ISSP. In this quiet rustic location the students immersed themselves into photography, into themselves.

Veronique Bourgoin on ISSP

Veronique Bourgoin on ISSP (31 August 2010):

Welcoming, strong, international, wild, professional, warm, free… the ISSP team produces a perfect cocktail to open up some crazy space for creation.