ISSP FUTURES artists 2023

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, FUTURES is a Europe-based photography platform bringing together the global photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging and mid-career artists across the world. The platform currently has 18 active member organizations. Every year, each member nominates artists to join the platform, who then gain access to a wide network of professionals, markets and audiences increasing their commercial opportunities. Selected artists are offered access to tutoring sessions, lectures, workshops and curated exhibitions organized by the FUTURES platform.

Since joining the FUTURES platform in 2022, we are working towards offering wider networking opportunities presented by the FUTURES network to artists from the Baltic region. In the previous year, ISSP nominated Kristīne Krauze-Slucka (LV), Konstantīns Žukovs (LV), Sergey Melnitchenko (UR), and Kristina Õllek (EE), who together with ISSP curator Iveta Gabaliņa joined the annual FUTURES event in Turin, Italy in November.

This year ISSP nominated 5 artists to join the FUTURES platform – Reinis Hofmanis (LV), Zane Priede (LV), Jurģis Peters (LV), Cloe Jancis (EE), and Ieva Baltaduonytė (LT).

Reinis Hofmanis is a Latvian artist and photographer. He studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany, and obtained a master's degree from the Visual Communication Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. The artist’s works are characterized by a socio-anthropological point of view, which manifests in an interest in typifying different groups of society, their behavioral patterns and effect on the surrounding environment.

Zane Priede is a self-taught still life photographer based in Riga, Latvia, with a background in design and a passion for photography. She has graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Zane creates imaginary and surreal scenes from everyday objects, infusing them with fantasy. Her deep fascination with architecture and design can be seen in her approach to constructing scenes with small-scale objects. Additionally, her interests in science, biology, and psychology are evident in her visual explorations, adding a playful approach to storytelling.

Jurģis Peters is a new media artist currently based in Riga, Latvia. He is mainly interested in visual explorations of the impact and consequences of various advances in technology. One of the main focuses of his work is Artificial Intelligence (AI) both as a medium and as a conceptual basis. Having a strong background in technologies and the IT industry, Jurģis often writes his own algorithms and tools. Jurģis has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with an MA in Audiovisual Arts, and from the University of Birmingham (UK) with an MSc in Cyber Security and BSc in Digital Media Technology.

Cloe Jancis is an  Estonian artist working in the media of photography, video, drawing and installation. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in photography (2018) and is currently studying in the master’s programme of the Faculty of Liberal Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Jancis is fascinated by the social image, everyday roles of women and the myths, expectations and feelings related to these. In recent years, she has focused on objects and rituals associated with performing femininity.

Ieva Baltaduonytė is an emerging Lithuanian lens-based artist. She holds a BA in Photography from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Informed by her own personal experience of migration, her work engages with topics and issues relating to migratory culture. Ieva is preoccupied with revealing personal and collective narratives where trauma, identity and memory encourage a deeper engagement with cross-cultural dialogue. By using photography for both personal expression and to foster a critical dialogue with contemporary society, she invites the viewer to participate in societal debates, foregrounding human experiences, and exposing what is otherwise obscured or ignored.

Exhibition and zine launch by Sam Margevicius (USA)

ISSP Artist-in-residence Sam Margevicius (USA) will present new works made in Riga during the first months of 2023 in his exhibition Winter Sketchbook at Bolderāja 27. Opening and zine launch will be held on February 25 at 20:00-23:00.

Sākusies pieteikšanās ISSP Skolas kursam "Ievads fotogrāfijā"

Atvērta pieteikšanās ISSP Skolas intensīvajam divu mēnešu kursam “Ievads fotogrāfijā”, kas sāksies 16. martā! Nodarbības vadīs pieredzējuši fotogrāfi un pasniedzēji Kristīne Krauze-Slucka un Ingus Bajārs. Pieteikšanās līdz 10. martam.

Ieva Epnere – Laidi

No 2. februāra līdz 16. martam ISSP Galerijā ir skatāma mākslinieces Ievas Epneres izstāde “Laidi”. Tajā aplūkojama dokumentālā filma, kas vēsta par Laidu pamatskolas pastāvēšanas pēdējo – 101. gadu, un fotogrāfijas. 

From 2 February to 16 March the ISSP Gallery is hosting the exhibition Laidi by artist Ieva Epnere. It features photographs and a documentary film dedicated to the 101st year of Laidi Primary school, which is also its last. 

Purvīša balvai 2023 nominēts Reinis Hofmanis

Izvērtējot izstādes un mākslinieku darbus, kas bija apskatāmi laika posmā no 2022. gada 1. oktobra līdz 31. decembrim, neatkarīgo ekspertu darba grupa nākamajai Purvīša balvai, kura tiks pasniegta 2023. gada pavasarī, ir izvirzījusi divus autorus: Evelīnu Deičmani un Reini Hofmani.

ISSP Ziemassvētku dāvanu TOP 10 / ISSP Christmas gift TOP 10

Ja meklē oriģinālas un skaistas dāvanas saviem mīļajiem Ziemassvētkos, ieskaties mūsu TOP 10! Pie mums atradīsi lieliskas dāvanas fotogrāfijas un mākslas cienītājiem. Gan klātienē ISSP Galerijā Berga Bazārā, gan ISSP interneta veikalā pieejami jaunākie Latvijas un ārzemju fotogrāfijai veltīti izdevumi, mākslas darbi, plakāti un foto izdrukas.

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ISSP at the FUTURES annual event

From 4 to 6 November, ISSP curator Iveta Gabaliņa together with artists Kristīne Krauze-Slucka (LV), Konstantīns Žukovs (LV), Sergey Melnitchenko (UR), and Kristina Õllek (EE) joined the European FUTURES Photography platform’s annual event in Turin, Italy.

Turpinās pieteikšanās tiešsaistes kursam "Ievads fotogrāfijā"

ISSP Skola aicina apgūt fotogrāfiskās domāšanas pamatus un kameras tehniskās iespējas intensīvā divu mēnešu tiešsaistes kursā “Ievads fotogrāfijā”, kas pieejams ikvienam interesentam Latvijā un ārzemēs. Kursu vadīs pieredzējuši pasniedzēji un fotogrāfi Vika Eksta un Ingus Bajārs. Sākums 2023. gada 6. februārī. Pieteikšanās līdz 1. februārim.

ISSP meklē praktikantu!

Decembrī un janvārī aicinām ISSP komandai pievienoties praktikantu/-i, kas palīdzēs ISSP ikdienas darbos. Ja tev ir vismaz 18 gadi un tevi interesē laikmetīgā māksla un fotogrāfija, tu pārvaldi latviešu un angļu valodu, un tu vēlies gūt pirmo darba pieredzi, piesakies ISSP praksē! Praksi iespējams apvienot ar mācībām un citiem darbiem.

SALE: ISSP Plānotājs 2023 // ISSP Agenda 2023

ISSP Plānotājs 2023. gadam estētiskā un praktiskā dizainā apvieno nedēļas plānotāju un pierakstu kladi. Turpinot tradīciju, plānotājs satur 24 rūpīgi atlasītas Latvijas un ārzemju mākslinieku oriģinālfotogrāfijas. Pēdējie eksemplāri ieejami par atlaides cenu – 12 EUR!

The 2023 edition of the ISSP Agenda combines a weekly planner and a notebook in an aesthetic and practical design. As usual, it features 24 carefully selected photographs by Latvian and international authors. Last copies available at a discount price – 12 EUR!