FUTURES meeting in Budapest

This year, from 13 to 15 October, the FUTURES Photography platform's annual event was hosted by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest. Joining more than 100 artists, 23 curators, and heads of major international contemporary photography institutions were ISSP nominated artists Reinis Hofmanis, Zane Priede, and Jurģis Peters from Latvia, Cloe Jancis from Estonia, and Ieva Baltaduonytė from Lithuania, as well as curator Iveta Gabaliņa and Jūlija Berkoviča from ISSP. 

The FUTURES Annual Event spanned three exciting days, with a programme for the artists selected in 2023 alternating with public events. Amongst these were the group exhibition ENERGY: Redistributing Power and Taming Consumption, an educational programme with mentoring sessions by internationally acclaimed artists, curators, and researchers, lectures and networking opportunities.

“FUTURES managed to bring together talent from diverse backgrounds allowing for a beneficial cross-cultural networking,” says Jurģis Peters. “It allowed me to see my own practice from different perspectives which in turn led to some interesting re-evaluations and ideas for future work. All in all, I feel that the platform is a somewhat exclusive chance to be part of a larger artist network, where there are opportunities at every step.”

Zane Priede adds: “FUTURES is a great path opener that helps to connect to the field of contemporary photography at a faster pace. Meeting everyone in person in Budapest was a great chance to learn more about others and myself. It was a sort of a self recalibration that is crucial to have from time to time.” 

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, FUTURES is a Europe-based photography platform bringing together the photography community to support and nurture the professional development of emerging artists across Europe. 

Every year, each platform member nominates artists to join the platform, who then gain access to a wide network of professionals, markets and audiences increasing their commercial opportunities. Selected artists are offered access to tutoring sessions, lectures, workshops and curated exhibitions organised by the FUTURES platform.

This year ISSP nominated 5 artists –  Reinis Hofmanis (LV), Zane Priede (LV), Jurģis Peters (LV), Cloe Jancis (EE), and Ieva Baltaduonytė (LT) – to join the FUTURES platform. Last year artists Vika Eksta, Kristīne Krauze Slucka, Konstanīns Žukovs, Sergey Melnitchenko (UA), and Kristina Õllek (EE) were nominated by ISSP. In Spring 2024 an open call will be issued to select the next round of artists to join FUTURES.

Santa France: “Esmu redzams šajā attēlā, un man tas nepatīk”

No 24. novembra līdz 7. martam ISSP Galerijā ir skatāma Santas Frances personālizstāde "Esmu redzams šajā attēlā, un man tas nepatīk". Izstāde tapusi sadarbībā ar organizāciju "Wunder Kombinat", un tas ir pirmais no izdevuma "WunderKombināts II. Latvijas mākslas gadagrāmata 2023" ievadošās programmas pasākumiem. Izstādes atklāšana notiks 23. novembrī plkst. 18.00. Laipni lūgti!

NEW! ISSP Merchandise collection

The long-awaited ISSP Merchandise collection is here! We are very excited to share something we’ve been working on for the past several months – a line of limited edition hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tote bags! We are offering a special discount of 15% valid until 10 October! All items are available at the ISSP Gallery in Berga Bazārs (Riga) or online at the ISSP Shop.

ENERGY: FUTURES exhibition in Budapest

The annual FUTURES event in 2023 is hosted by the Robert Capa Center for Contemporary Photography in Budapest. A new traveling exhibition prepared as a part of the platform’s activities will also have its first appearance in Budapest. This year, the theme of the group exhibition is “ENERGY 2023: Redistributing Power and Taming Consumption”.

ISSP Internship: Maya Vieth

We are happy to introduce Maya Vieth, an emerging photographer from Germany who has been our intern for the past 3 months! If you have been following us on social media, you probably have already noticed Maya's sensitive documentation of the recent events happening at ISSP. In addition, she has contributed to lots of the behind-the-scenes work, helping us in day-to-day activities. Read more about her experience at ISSP!

Arnis Balčus: Scēna

Līdz 16. novembrim ISSP Galerijā ir skatāma Arņa Balčus izstāde “Scēna”, kas pievēršas šodienas jauniešu alternatīvajai subkultūrai. Izstādes ietvaros notiks arī panku bazārs, jauno panku dzejas vakars, ekskursijas izstādē ar sociologu Jāni Daugavieti un izstādes autoru Arni Balču, bet tuvāk izstādes noslēgumam iznāks grāmata “Scēna”.

Until 16 November, the ISSP Gallery is hosting Scene, an exhibition by Arnis Balčus focusing on today's alternative youth subculture. The exhibition will be accompanied by a Punk Bazaar, poetry evening by young punks, excursions with the sociologist Jānis Daugavietis and the exhibition’s author Arnis Balčus, and finalise with the launch of the book “Scene”.

Turpinās uzņemšana ISSP Jauniešu skolā

ISSP Jauniešu skola piedāvā jauniešiem radoši iepazīt fotogrāfiju un tās plašos izmantošanas veidus, kā arī apgūt attēlu veidošanas pamatprasmes. Nodarbības atsāksies 3. un 4. oktobrī. Vēl ir iespēja pieteikties!

Atvērta pieteikšanās intensīvajam kursam "Ievads fotogrāfijā"

Atvērta pieteikšanās ISSP Skolas intensīvajam divu mēnešu kursam “Ievads fotogrāfijā”, kas sāksies 5. oktobrī! Nodarbības vadīs pieredzējuši fotogrāfi un pasniedzēji Kristīne Krauze-Slucka un Ingus Bajārs. Pieteikšanās līdz 1. oktobrim.

ISSP Jauniešu skolas atvērto durvju diena

Trešdien, 20. septembrī, plkst. 16.00-19.00 aicinām uz ISSP Jauniešu skolas atvērto druvju dienu! Tā būs iespēja iepazīt ISSP Jauniešu skolas programmas saturu, izgatavot savu pinhole kameru un radoši darboties ar apgaismojumu, kā arī pieteikties programmai. ISSP Jauniešu skolas nodarbības atsāksies oktobrī un ilgs līdz jūnijam vienreiz nedēļā divās vecuma grupās: 11-14 g. un 15-18g. 

Open call - ISSP Agenda 2024 - Ritual

We invite image submissions for the inclusion in the ISSP yearly Agenda 2024! Our favorite daily companion will traditionally combine the functions of a weekly planner, a bullet journal and a notebook and will be released in November. Theme of the year - Ritual. The Agenda will feature 25 selected images selected via this open call. We are looking for strong single images layered in meaning, both black and white and color. 
Submit your images by 24 September here 

"Putnu disko" Baltajā naktī

Sestdien, 9. septembrī, no plkst. 18.30 līdz plkst. 23.00 mūsdienu kultūras foruma “Baltā nakts” ietvaros ISSP Galerijā notiks somu mākslinieku Pasi Autio un Saku Koistinena līdzdalības performance “Putnu disko”, kurā apmeklētāji aicināti nodoties dejām putnu dziesmu mūzikas pavadījumā. Pasākumā tiks integrētas latviešu ilustratores un animatores Viviannas Marias Staņislavskas veidotās vizualizācijas. Ieeja bez maksas.

Arnis Balčus: Scēna / Scene

No 15. septembra līdz 16. novembrim ISSP Galerijā būs skatāma Arņa Balčus izstāde “Scēna”, kas pievēršas šodienas jauniešu alternatīvajai subkultūrai. Izstādes atklāšana notiks 14. septembrī plkst. 18.00 ar trīs panku grupu – “ŠŅK”, “Defekts” un “Depustūtes” – koncertu.

From 15 September to 16 November, the ISSP Gallery will host the exhibition Scene by photographer Arnis Balčus. The exhibition focuses on today's youth alternative subculture. The exhibition will open on 14 September at 6 PM with a concert by three punk bands: ŠŅK, Defekts and Depustūtes.

Residency for Ukrainian Photographers

In cooperation with Sustainability foundation and Media Hub Riga, we are glad to invite applications for a fully funded residency for two photographers / photojournalists from Ukraine. During the time period November 2023 and January 2024, the residency will offer a possibility to take due time and space to implement an artistic project, work on a personal archive and to explore local photography and culture scene in Riga. Applications are welcome till 4 September 2023!