Izstāde "Kopā un atsevišķi"


No 1. februāra līdz 27. martam ISSP Galerijā būs skatāma daudzdzīvokļu namiem veltīta izstāde “Kopā un atsevišķi”. Tā piedāvās iepazīties ar daļu no ekspozīcijas “Together and Apart”, kas 2018. gadā pārstāvēja Latviju Venēcijas arhitektūras biennālē. Izstādi papildinās jauna grāmata par daudzdzīvokļu namu arhitektūru Latvijas ekonomiskajā, politiskajā un sociālajā ainavā. Izstādes atklāšana - 31. janvārī plkst. 19.00.

Izstādē būs apskatāmas Reiņa Hofmaņa fotogrāfijas, kas ataino daudzdzīvokļu namus Latvijas pilsētās un laukos, kā arī četri konceptuāli arhitektūras maketi, kas vizualizē ikdienā neredzamus procesus un pievērš uzmanību mājokļu lomai aktuālu demogrāfijas, vides un politikas izaicinājumu kontekstā. Maketus veidojuši: māksliniece Darja Meļņikova, tēlnieks Ivars Drulle, dizainere Dita Pāne, arhitekts Mārtiņš Dušelis un scenogrāfe Šarlote Špihalska.

Izstādes atklāšanā tiks prezentēta arī arhitektu Evelīnas Ozolas un Matīsa Groskaufmaņa sastādīta grāmata “Kopā un atsevišķi: daudzdzīvokļu namu arhitektūra Latvijas ekonomiskajā, politiskajā un sociālajā ainavā”.


From February 1 to March 27, the ISSP Gallery in Riga will host «Together and Apart» — an exhibition about apartment buildings. The show will represent a part of the Latvian national contribution to the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018. Opening on the 31st of January, 7 PM.

The exhibition will feature a photography series by Reinis Hofmanis, depicting apartment buildings found in Latvia’s urban and rural landscapes, alongside four conceptual architecture models that visualise processes hidden to the eye yet with a large impact on housing. The models are created by artist Daria Melnikova, sculptor Ivars Drulle, designer Dita Pāne, architect Mārtiņš Dušelis, and scenographer Charlotte Spichalsky.

A new book will be presented at the exhibition opening — «Kopā un atsevišķi: daudzdzīvokļu namu arhitektūra Latvijas ekonomiskajā, politiskajā un sociālajā ainavā» («Together and Apart: The Architecture of Apartment Buildings in the Economic, Political, and Social Landscape of Latvia» — in Latvian), edited by architects Evelīna Ozola and Matīss Groskaufmanis.

Vairāk / More info: http://issp.lv/en/gallery/kopa-un-atseviski

Greetings from Ludza - ISSP 2010 Exhibition

The ISSP 2010 Exhibition was festively opened on 7 August 2010. Visitors are welcome to view the entire collection of artistic projects of 65 participants in Ludza till 2 October 2010.

ISSP evening programme open to visitors

The ISSP Evening Programme at Ezersala boarding school (Ludza district) from 1st till 7th August will be traditionally open for interested visitors and guests! Detailed programme in English here.

Aaron Shuman in Riga (second try)

We all try again and are looking forward to host Aaron Shuman in Riga this weekend, provided no more volcano surprises coming up. The lecture “Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs” will take place at kim? at 19:00 on Saturday 1 May 2010.

The workshop Aesthetics of nostalgia will run this weekend, 1-2 May. You are welcome to apply for several vacant places till this Friday, 30 April!


Aaron Shuman in Riga: workshop and lecture

In framework of US culture month in Riga “Made in USA“, we are pleased to invite applications to an ISSP-run workshop Aesthetics of nostalgia by a great photographer, editor, writer and curator Aaron Shuman. The workshop shall take place on 17-18 April 2010, at kim? Riga.

The two days course combines lectures, critique, and individual photographing by participants to explore in depth the subject of NOSTALGIA. See complete workshop description here, and apply till 15 April!

Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou in Riga

Yes, its true - Vanessa Winship is coming to visit us again, together with her partner, another great photographer George Georgiou!

The schedule of public events that we are planning in cooperation with kim? :
23 March 2010, 19:00 - Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou: artist talk & works presentation - open event for all interested
27-28 March 2010 (2 full days) - “Documentary practice and narrative, the long term project”: double master-class, workshop - previous application required

ISSP 2009 Exhibition Opening in Riga

We are happy to announce that the ISSP 2009 results are about to be presented in Riga - the ISSP 2009 Exhibition opens on 3 December 2009, 18:30 at Goethe-Institute Riga! All the participants, family and friends of the International Summer School of Photography are invited!

ISSP 2009 exhibition in Riga

The date and time of the ISSP 2009 Vernissage in Riga is 3 December 2009, 18:30, at Goethe Institute !

The exhibition will feature a selection of most vivid works (5 per workshop), to be selected by ISSP teachers. We also very much hope to present the ISSP 2010 Catalogue!
Everyone is cordially invited!

In connection with the Opening we also present first ISSP workshop in Riga: Photoworks presentation: sequence, context & strategies or How To Get Your Work Out in Public by Kai Olaf Hesse from BerlinPhotoWorkshops. Two days, December 4-5, applications till November 20. More information coming soon!

ISSP Club evenings to start from September

We have launched a new activity - a series of ISSP club meetings in Riga! The club evenings will take place with an approximate regularity of every second week. In the programme: ISSP participants’ presentation of completed or ongoing projects, invited artists’ talks, and a special selection of photography-related movies. The main motivation is to keep up the contacts and networking among the ISSP participants.
All ISSP friends are welcome! Information on upcoming events - in your mailboxes, or at ISSP Facebook group.

Ps. Thanks to Jānis & Red Roofs Hotel for location support!