V.Winship and G.Georgiou: Documentary practice and narrative, the long term project

Double master-class by Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou: 

In cooperation with kim? Riga

2 days | 10:00 – 18:00 | 27 – 28 March 2010 | at kim?, 12/1 Maskavas iela, Riga

The combined master-class addressed the issues of contemporary documentary photographic practice and approaches. The aim was to build up an understanding of different forms of narratives and ways of structuring the work on comprehensive documentary projects.
24 participants took part, from Latvia and 6 other countries.

Here is a documentation of the workshop made by Vizuālās kultūras klubs:

Workshop Structure

The workshop started by both of the tutors presenting their approach to documentary projects and their working methods to the entire group of participants. The participants then divided into two master-classes, to work in depth with one of the tutors. The group work contained a joint discussion and review of participants’ portfolios. Together with the tutors, the participants looked at the content of their personal projects, analyzing the treatment of the subject matter/topic as well as the editing and sequencing of the images. The best possible presentation for each work was also discussed, be it in the form of a classic photo essay, an exhibition, a book, or multimedia solution. In the afternoon of the 2nd day, the groups came together to share the main conclusions of the group discussions and the issues raised. 


I. Vanessa Winship focused on documentary as a way of story telling. She addressed the issues of documentary photography in a broader context, with a focus on sequencing - putting together groups of photographs to create a coherent body of work ready for presentation. When analyzing the content and structure of photographic projects, references were made to the work of other contemporary photographers. Using text with the imagery was also touched upon.

II. George Georgiou took a deeper look on the long-term project in photographic documentary. He focused on developing critical creative facility as well as understanding of professional production requirements among the participants. General aspects of presentation of photographs in various settings – the magazine, book and exhibition – were also discussed.


Day 1:  10:00 - 13:00 Introduction to tutors’ work in the big group, questions & answers
              14:00 - 18:00 Work in master classes I, II

Day 2:  10:00 - 15:00 Work in master classes I, II
              16:00 - 17:00 Joint conclusions and insights
              18:00 - 19:00 Consultations and questions & answers

For whom?

Maximum 24 participants (12 in each master-class): professional photographers, students of photography and art, artists using photography, interested amateurs and other interested parties with knowledge of photographic practice.

The Tutors

Vanessa Winship has worked as a photographer for the last 20 years. Her work focuses on the aspects of storytelling, history, and memory, she incorporates her own texts as part of the storytelling. Her personal projects have taken her throughout the Balkans, Turkey, and into the Caucasus. Vanessa has had a number of solo exhibitions throughout Europe and is the author of two photographic monographs, The Black Sea and Sweet Nothings. In 2003, she was noted at the Oscar Barnack competition for her Albanian Landscape project and received the first World Press Photo prize in Arts category in 2008. She was also named Photographer of the Year at the SONY World Photography Awards 2008 for her series Sweet Nothings. She has been awarded three times by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Vanessa has been a lecturer and speaker at several photography meetings, workshops and festivals including “Lumix” festival of young photojournalists, “Photo-pub” (Slovenia), “Doku-photo” (Kosovo), “Insight” lectures by British Journal of Photography (London), the British Council (Ukraine). In summer 2009, she taught a brilliant workshop on environment portrait at ISSP in Ludza.
Vanessa Winship is represented by Agence VU in Paris.

vanessawinship.com, vanessawinship.blogspot.com

George Georgiou has been a practicing photographer for the last 20 years. For the last decade, he has photographed extensively in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey, living and working in Serbia, Greece, and for five years in Istanbul. His work is focused on long term projects around identity, urbanization and the space people find themselves in when caught between communities, cultures, or ideologies. His awards include two World Press Photo prizes in 2003 and 2005, a Pictures of the Year International first prize for Istanbul Bombs in 2004 and a Nikon Press Award UK for best photo essay 2000. He has been published in most of the world’s major magazines asNewsweek, Time, Observer, Geo, Die Ziet, Der Spiegal, La Vie, Le Monde, and many more, and exhibited in a number of countries. His book, Fault lines: Turkey East West will be released in April 2010. He has been teaching photography at Barnet College in London, has carried out numerous workshops and portfolio reviews in Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia, Kosovo, Slovenia and London, and mentored many photographers in the regions he worked.
George Georgiou is represented by agencies Prospekt (Italy),
Panos (UK) and Signatures (France).

georgegeorgiou.net, georgegeorgiou-intransit.blogspot.com

The language of instruction is English.

A public lecture-presentation on Vanessa Winship’s and George Georgiou’s work was held at a on 23 March 2010, 19:00 at kim?