Rucka Artist Residency is a space created by artists for artists. It is located in Cēsis, a small medieval town an hour's drive from Riga, where a rich cultural heritage lives along numerous new creative initiatives. The region of Cēsis has historically been known for its intellectual traditions - many writers, artists and politically and socially active individuals come from this area.

Rucka Artist Residency is a space that serves as a meeting point for artists from various disciplines to create cross-disciplinary projects dealing with social and environmental issues. It is operating as an artist residency, hosting artists from all over the world, and a venue for creative gatherings, such as various summer schools and other gatherings of students and practitioners of visual communication, architecture, film and photography, and anthropology. In the past years residency has hosted Summer School of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Summer School of Young Architects and Urbanists, Baltic Anthropology Summer School and others, while this year new events like Zero Waste Summer School, Summer School of Cesis University and Analogue Media Summer School will take place at Rucka. 

The residency is located in an old manor house just 10 minutes walk from the historical centre of Cēsis. Rucka manor house, which dates back to the 18th century, has been a home to wealthy German families, a railway office and, most recently, a hospital. In 2013 it was restored to serve as an artist space. The residency is surrounded by a wonderful park with lots of centuries old oak trees and an orchard. A 40 minute walk brings Rucka visitors to the banks of river Gauja and the nature trails of the Gauja National Park.