I wish there were words to describe that gave me such a magical experience within 10 days.   

100 friends; 50 future collaborations; 1 broken and rebuilt brain; eternity of happiness.  

Hard to describe magic in few sentences. I made a lot of new friends, first-time experiences. I am changed. It was a great time and words are not enough to describe this.      

Amazing! Super intense and I definitely felt out of my depth at points, but I've taken away a huge amount from it. I was in a rut before ISSP and was feeling very unsatisfied with my practice and output, but it has given me a lot of new perspectives and ideas on how I can start to progress and improve. Speaking to the other participants who were further ahead than me gave me a lot of confidence to pursue ideas I've had in the past, and the workshops have helped me start to think about ways I can open up my visual language and make my approach more varied.     

Perfect time for reflection, doing some great stuff, listening to inspiring folks and masters! The topic was perfect for the kind of work I'm working on since I started photography, I felt really in the right place. The organisation is wonderful as all the staff!

"Immersive Studies, Stupendous Parties" is really the most accurate acronym yet. But really - I found the experience hugely impactful in ways that haven't even revealed themselves to me yet. I'm still processing all of it, but I know it will be integrated into my work for the rest of my life.  I loved seeing the multi-media approach to photography and how many possibilities exist for getting off the paper and into the world.  I loved the theme as it is 100% pertinent to my current thinking around art and my role in it.         

Overwhelming to say the least. It was amazing to be among all these people and to see even briefly how they work or what their creative process is like. The lectures were also very interesting, even more interesting with the guest lecturers.           

This was my second time in ISSP, and I think having a theme creates a huge difference. Correlating everything with Photography and the World theme, awareness of both theme and idea of creating practices around the theme, having a publication was an exquisite experience. I even do not mention how helpful this week and my workshop in particular for me. Thank you so much!    

ISSP 2019 was the best photography workshops I have ever taken part in. The organisation, from lectures, workshops, to things like communication, food etc. was kept on the highest level. The programme gave me a broad spectrum of approaches one can take in their practice. I’m really grateful for all the people that were there, I could have a discussion with anyone and get feedback from people working in so different themes, which was very constructive in relation to further development of my work.

It was an incredible experience. Perhaps even the most beautiful of my artistic career.

I feel like I am not alone.

Overall fruitful. Very good organisational side. A different experience of working beyond the classical constructs of photography. Lots of inspiration and extremely interesting mentoring lectures. And I absolutely love ISSP publication, it is a great source of inspiration and thoughts to come back to!

Great to spent 10 days with so many likeminded photographers. While working alone on my projects, I sometimes forget that there is so much out there.

It was hard at the beginning and great at the end. It was a time when I was able to look at my projects from the new perspective and re-explore it for myself first of all. To have an international feedback was extremely important.

Being dropped together with artistic individuals in an 'isolated' place for 8 days is as mindblowing as it gets.

It was useful to understand my visual language and why I am doing photography. It played a very important role at this time in my carrier. Maybe I will finally switch to cinema.

I was very happy to make a non-photographic workshop. I think it really opens my mind and I think it will change the way I think of my projects. Also, it was very useful to ask myself all this questions about my/our practice. I have been a photographer for many years now and sometimes it's good to stop and go back to the basics.           

Eye opening experience, which allowed me to meet so many different talents.

It was the first time I attended a summer school like that and I was just blown away by its intensity, its beauty, how well organised it all was. I met so many people I am still in touch with and will continue to be and in general it was a very open and friendly being with each other, which impressed me and made this time there extra special. Thank you for creating such an inspiring and beautiful environment for us all to meet and exchange and learn and unlearn.             

It was great to be among like-minded people. I got ideas to how I could develop and deepen my practice. It helped me sort out lots of questions I've had about collaborative work. I also got a chance to reflect on why and when to pick up the camera and when not to. What photography is or can be.

To me ISSP was exactly what I was looking for – a great environment with many inspiring artists. I really loved the international vibe and the talks with other photographers from all over the world.            

ISSP was a dream for me! I expected to learn, get some insights and get to know cool people in my sector but it honestly went above and beyond. I was able to work on my photography confidence as both a practitioner and visual artist, to work on a very personal project with a lot of emotional baggage and get constructive feedback to move forward and finally, to meet some amazing people personally and professionally. ISSP became a turning point for me - it is the space that I've been longing for to work on both inner and outer challenges and excel as a photographer and visual artist. 

All my prior expectations could not hold against the magnitude of what we received at ISSP. By the end of the week I could only describe it as other-worldly. It is exceptionally rare to experience photography transcending beyond its limits in such way and to meet so many people on the same journey as you are. 

The ISSP 2019 experience was super intense. Both the tutors and the participants were giving so much energy and experience during the week, it was a kind of win-win moment. I don't think this happens elsewhere on the planet to be so strongly together thinking about the medium photography. With a group of more than 100 persons. Just amazing.

It’s been an intense mix of thrill and exchange. I had the impression that everyone was giving a lot to others and getting a lot back.

ISSP 2019 was a gathering of many talented people concerned in and around photography, to enter into an exchange of ideas about photography and the world. Because of the theme, regardless of the different subjects of the workshops, everyone was encouraged to zoom out and think a little wider. The result was a productive challenge to escape egoism, career-planning, and the specific struggles of craft to engage with context and meaning.