The new home of the ISSP is Zaļenieki Manor (also known as the Green Manor, formerly Grünhof) in the village of Zaļenieki, Jelgava district.

The Manor, built in 1768 as a hunting residence for the Duke of Courland, is a unique architectural monument synthesising elements of baroque and classical architecture. It is comparatively well preserved, featuring some unique interior items dating back to the mid-18th - 19th centuries. The Manor is surrounded by 28 hectares of a wild forest-like Park - a delight with its calm, quiet and shady atmosphere. 

Since the 1920s, Zaļenieki Manor has been home to various educational institutions and is now housing a professional school - Zaļenieki Secondary School of Crafts and Commerce. In the Soviet period the village of Zaļenieki used to be a local center for 2 kolkhozs or collective farms, developing into an important agricultural centre. Currently Zaļenieki is home to about 500 inhabitants; apart from the technical school and tree nursery, the other usual elements of a rural parish centre are the parish council, primary school, postal office, culture house and library. The village has two shops, one municipal policeman and a church with a resident priest. It is also proud of its amateur theatre group, several dance collectives and a music band. 

Zaļenieki is 12 km away from Tērvete Nature Park - one of the main national parks with activities for small and large alike. Jelgava, the regional centre and 4th largest town in Latvia, is approximately 20 km away.  

ISSP campus & facilities
All the workshop activities, lectures and talks will take place in the Manor. The participants will be housed at the Zaļā Muiža hostel - bright furnished shared rooms with bathrooms and showers. 

The ISSP Digital lab is equipped with scanners and printers (costs of printing will be calculated based on paper/ink used); we also have some bookmaking and bookbinding tools that participants can use. WiFi is available in the Manor house and the accommodation.

On analogue vs. digital process: we advise the participants to work in digital in order to save precious learning time. Those who wish to work with the analogue process must be skilled to do so without external help - let us know in advance so we can provide necessary tools. 

How to get there
Zaļenieki is located 70 km from Riga and is easily reachable by car (a bit over 1 hour), or public buses from Jelgava city.