On ISSP 2018:

It was GREAT! ISSP changed my entire approach to the medium of photography and put me in contact with some of the most brilliant artists from around the world.

It was incredibly intense and enriching experience, where I was completely immersed and supported in my art practice, not just by the evening talks, portfolio reviews and the masters and staff, but also by other participants. It was very resultful, as I got to know so many insightful photographers, professionals and artists; I was also able to produce a work and participate in the exhibition and had a space to experiment.

I'm very exhausted but happy to come home with fully enriched body and soul and mind :))

Everything was incredibly well organized. All the staff was friendly, helpful, efficient and kind. Most of the experts were also really impressive, willing to teach, engaged and committed. I have learned a lot and I have produced an incredible amount of work in a very short time.


It was simply great :) Well organised, sometimes a little bit too stressful time schedule, great people, great things to do...


It helped me a lot in terms of sequencing my existing body of work for a photobook dummy and advanced my story more deeply. I've received wonderful ideas of how to approach the project by using different techniques.


Incredible experience; as we talk about work, I really made an incredible progress; I worked for one week in ISSP and had more results than one year at home. The setting allowed us to focus on work and nothing else for a week, which was absolutely great. The atmosphere was amazing, a perfect mix between hard and exciting work in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Thanks for your generosity, which is the key of all that !!!


It was definitely a great experience. For me meeting and getting to know the work of the other participants was the most valuable. The setting and schedule from morning to evening really work to make it an intense experience.


It was really an inspiring and great experience. I learned a lot from masters and participants.


As it wasn't my first ISSP, I already knew how strong is this experience. It's all about quality of people there, their competence, commitment and this mood of kindness spread all along the week.


My initial feeling is one of energy, inspiration, determination and friendship. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime moment being exposed to so many different perspectives, people and practices all at once, and in such a nice and intimate environment. And while it was so fun and playful at times, I didn't feel like it was just that. I valued that we were exchanging important dialogues both about the world and about photography.


I felt a huge development in my work during the week. It was very helpful that the tutors had a different approach each and I think also we participants learned from each other. One of the main things that made the ISSP mindblowing for me were the people - the other participants, tutors and you lovely people!! Everything was so good organized. Thank you so much and hope to see you soon again.


I think that ISSP is the best residency/workshop programme ever set. From all points.


Very inspiring informal environment and great organization of the whole thing. This was my first time at ISSP and I would really love to come back.


ISSP was an amazing experience. Perfect place, perfect people… No need to worry about anything else than just learning, and connecting with amazing people… I think the most important outcome for me is added motivation to go forward, as well as reassurance about my current practice.


It was a really great experience. Meeting so many other young photographers is a very nice change as it is usually such a lonely profession. A vast majority of people were very very positive and engaging, which was nice, it was overall a very positive group dynamic.


It was very helpful in furthering my practice. It's a rare opportunity to experience such an intense learning process and environment, and the chance to produce work in such a short amount of time, but with all the support and resources provided. Love the sense of community and collaboration.


It was a great experience, where I could take part of an active community of creatives with similar interests and values.


It was a door opener in many ways because I had the chance to be around photographers and talk about their recent work but also about their current work for more than a week. Perfect mix of lectures in the evening. Can't wait for ISSP 2019!


I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at ISSP. I enjoyed so much working hard in such a positive environment. Such good discussions, such vivid ideas. I had more food for thought in this week than in six years after art school. Thank you so much for that. I hope I can come again soon. And big hugs to all the crew, who remained so calm and so positive with such professionalism. It's a really inspiring way of working that I have surely brought back home. I've spent literally the best week ever since a long time.



ISSP exceeded my expectations to level of getting too nostalgic every time I start thinking of it <3


I think having all these talented minds around me giving me their opinions, was superb. Not only the masters, but also my roommates, my classmates, the ISSP team, everyone. Where i come from there is lots of competitiveness, and that harms the process of making any work. The atmosphere here was totally different from that, and i am very grateful for that. The liberty of creativity and to be whoever you wanted to be, or creating whatever you want to create is a breathe of fresh air. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. It should be longer, and i hope i´ll return one day! p.s: the food was awesome, and the whole team was so nice and helpful.


It's been a wonderful experience, really more then I expected. There were great people and a very nice and charming ambience provided by the very well done organization - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Collective experience and knowledge exchange were very rich. Having not attended any art school, the ISSP allowed me to reconsider my approach to photography from another angle.


I'm very thankful for this opportunity! Everything was great: a lot of communication, sharing different experiences from all over the world, intensive work and preparing exhibition. I do love the atmosphere you shared in ISSP - everybody was very friendly and we feel like a family now!


Wonderful! It pushed me to go towards what I need the most and understand it in a new way.


Challenging, insightful, and impactful. An amazing experience. Excellent instructors and talented group of artists.


It was such an extraordinary and so unique experience to be part of the ISSP. I learned a lot from the different visions offered throughout the workshops, conferences and discussions, both for myself and for my work. I think I had very interesting feedback and made progress on the development of my project during the week.


Overall, I had a fantastic experience at ISSP. I'd highly recommend it to other photographers.


It was intense, hard-working and challenging. GREAT THANKS for that experience. It started to change me a lot.


I really liked the workshop, especially the introduction part, which created a safe and open space for sharing and caring. I enjoyed the challenging task to create a new work and the support from both of the masters and the incredible and very talented group!


For me was amazing, literally mind blowing. It was great to meet so many interesting people, to interact, exchange ideas, get in touch with different perspectives and points of view. I would love to do it again.