Jörg Colberg - Text and Image, Image and Text

Two months long masterclass with Jörg Colberg
from 9 February to 30 March 2021 (once a week)

Throughout the history of photography, images and text have been made to work together to communicate something that is beyond their individual abilities. Examples range from captions that supplement photographs with unphotographable information all the way to the complex novels by W.G. Sebald that include a variety of often cryptic images. There is much to be gained from working with images and text. However, since images and text operate in very different ways, photographers often struggle to establish meaningful relationships between them beyond the very simple use of captions or stand-alone image and text blocks. The goal of this workshop is to provide its participants with a much deeper understanding of what can be done with images and text. Participants will each develop their own image-text piece through guided group and individual discussions. 

Goals/Learning Objectives 
In this masterclass, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between images and text by becoming familiar with a number of important case studies. By the end of the course, each of the participants will have conceptualised and developed their own image-text project.

Participants need to have a fully (or almost fully) developed photography project that can serve as the basis of an image-text exercise. The project’s original idea does not need to contain the inclusion of text, even though image-text projects are certainly welcome. The work should be complete enough so that participants can focus their time on developing text and pairing it with images in whatever way possible. In other words, participants should not expect to focus on taking new pictures during the course.
Previous experience with image-text pieces is not necessary.

Notes on content and respect
The masterclass might contain content that can be considered provocative by some of the participants. Some art we may encounter might remind someone of difficult experiences and produce an emotional reaction before thinking mind has a chance to catch up. The workshop is intended to provide a safe environment that respects the feelings and opinions of all the participants and allows every one to be able to speak up, take a break, or ask for extra time to discuss any problematic issue. When engaging with other colleagues, everyone is encourage to provide candid, constructive and professional response. The participants are also invited to communicate with the tutor directly.

Form and schedule
The masterclass will take place online (Zoom) starting from February 9 (once a week)
Group classes will take place on Tuesdays, 11 AM Eastern Standard time (US) / 5 PM Central European Time / 6 PM Latvian time.
The participants will continue work on their projects between the sessions. 
Week 1:           Introduction/Presentation, Assignment  (2 hours)
Week 2:           Individual meetings with participants  (30 minutes)
Week 3:           Group Meeting: Presentations by participants (assignment) (2 hours)
Week 4:           Individual meetings with participants  (30 minutes)
Week 5:           Group Meeting: “mid-term report”  (2 hours)
Week 6:           Individual meetings with participants  (30 minutes)
Week 7:            Individual work with own projects
Week 8:           Group Meeting: Final Presentations  (2 hours)

The course will have maximum 8 participants.

About the tutor
Jörg Colberg is a writer, photographer, and educator based in Northampton, MA (USA). Originally from Germany. He is the founder and editor of Conscientious, a blog dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography that has been quoted as one of most influential critiques of contemporary photography. He has a PhD in astrophysics and first worked as a research scientist in astronomy. Colberg is the author of "Understanding Photobooks: The Form and Content of the Photographic Book" (2016), a guide to making photo-books. He has contributed essays to numerous photography publications, including Foam Magazine, British Journal of Photography, and Creative Review, written introductory essays for photography monographs and guest-edited photography exhibitions and photobooks. 

Course fee - 500 EUR (reduced fee 350 EUR for Latvian participants).

To apply, please send to issp@issp.lv:
- short introduction about yourself, including your website or link to online portfolio,
- short information and up to 10 images from the project you'd like to work with during this masterclass. 
Please specify Text and Image Application in the subject line. 
The 8 places in the class will be filled as we receive quality applications, that should arrive latest by 1 February 2021. All the applicants will be informed by 3 February latest. Advance payment will be required to confirm participation in the masterclass.  

With any questions about the masterclass, please contact us at issp@issp.lv