Paradise Conversations collage workshop - Final Work

(c) Kristīne Madjare

The Paradise Conversations collage workshop with Andrejs Strokins and Michael Holland took place on December 1 - 2 at ISSP in Riga. Over two days, 10 participants tried out various tools and approaches to the collage technique, creating their own artwork from found images. 

On the final day, each participant created a sequence of three images on the theme "Paradise". More about the workshop here.

Workshop participants - Anna Baula (LV), Luiza Kohtanena (LV), Zane Krūmiņa (LV), Tekla Inari (FI), Kristīne Madjare (LV), Bjargey Olafsdottir (IS), Anna Prilutckaia (RU), Eva Saukāne (LV), Monta Tīģere (LV), Laura Zvīgule (LV). On the last day participants were joined by Atis Jākobsons un David Schilter. 


ISSP 2008 Post Mortem

Uff, its over now… Alas, all the great things come to an end… but only to give way to new beginnings. With all due self-criticism (particularly towards the technicalities of the digital lab), we have to admit that the event was next to perfect! A quick glance at the participants evaluation forms - over 4/5 of the students rated their ISSP experience as ‘excellent’… More feedback in quotes:

The ISSP 2007 Catalogue has been released!

The ISSP 2007 Catalogue is a collection of 15 photo-series created by the ISSP students for the final exhibition in August 2007. An independent jury: art historian and curator Inese Baranovska, photographer Alnis Stakle and painter Andris Eglitis was engaged in the production of the catalogue by selecting three brightest photo-series from each of the 5 thematic workshops. The publication is a documentary of the creative results of the ISSP. It also provides a summary insight into artistic explorations of new authors, at the same time reflecting the current tendencies in young contemporary photography.

Izstāde Fotogrāfa dienasgrāmata

Jauna ISSP aktivitāte – izstāde Fotogrāfa dienasgrāmata

Rīgā, Andrejsalā, biedrības Orbīta telpās “Elektrocehs”, 12.jūlijā 18:00 tiks atklāta izstāde Fotogrāfa dienasgrāmata. Tajā tiks eksponēti jauno fotogrāfu, Starptautiskās fotogrāfijas vasaras skolas 2006 absolventu īpaši izstādei radītas foto - dienasgrāmatas.