Portfolio Review - Riga Photography Biennial NEXT 2019

Zanda Puče, from 'Frago'

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Rīgas Fotogrāfijas biennāles programma 2019. gadā tiek papildināta ar jaunu notikumu – portfolio skati. Tās mērķis ir sniegt iespēju satikties gan jauniem, gan profesionāliem māksliniekiem un fotogrāfiem ar nozares pārstāvjiem no Baltijas valstīm un Eiropas – kuratoriem, fotogrāfiem, mākslas zinātniekiem, foto festivālu pārstāvjiem, grāmatu izdevējiem un žurnālu redaktoriem. Portfolio skates uzdevums ir palīdzēt māksliniekiem un fotogrāfiem izvērtēt viņu darbus (portfolio), sniegt profesionālu vērtējumu un vadlīnijas darba tālākā attīstībā, sniegt iespēju veidot kontaktus ar nozares pārstāvjiem.

Portfolio skatei var pieteikties dalībnieki no visām valstīm, bez vecuma ierobežojuma, līdz 2019. gada 20. martam. Lai piedalītos skatē dalībniekam ir jāsagatavo prezentējams portfolio (1-3 darbu sērijas) drukātā vai elektroniskā formā. Dalības maksa līdz 1. martam ir 70 EUR (studentiem – 40 EUR), pēc 1. marta 80 EUR (studentiem – 50 EUR). Dalībniekam tiek garantēti pieci individuāli skates seansi. Viena seansa ilgums 20 minūtes. Valoda: angļu.

RFB portfolio skate notiks 2019. gada 5. aprīlī no plkst. 10.00 līdz 17.00 ISSP Galerijas telpās (Berga Bazārs, Marijas iela 13, k.3, Rīga) un Ziemeļvalstu Ministru padomes biroja Latvijā telpās (Berga Bazārs, Marijas iela 13, Rīga).


Marianne Āgere (Dānija), kuratore Brandta muzejā Odensē

Mihaels Bedovičs (Vācija), attēlu redaktors un foto galerijas “Pavlov`s Dog” īpašnieks

Kristofs Candrovičs (Polija), vizuālās izglītības fonda un Starptautiskā Fotogrāfijas festivālā Lodzā (Polijā) līdzdibinātājs un kurators, Hamburgas Fotogrāfijas triennāles mākslinieciskais vadītājs (Vācijā) un Porto biennāles kurators (Portugāle)

Evita Goze (Latvija), māksliniece, kuratore, ISSP Galerija

Sāra Haklina (Somija), kuratore Laikmetīgās mākslas muzejā KIASMA

Virginija Januškevičūte (Lietuva), kuratore Laikmetīgās mākslas centrā (CAC) Viļņā

Solvita Krese (Latvija), kuratore, Latvijas Laikmetīgās mākslas centra vadītāja

Šoeira Mavliana (Lielbritānija), Photoworks direktore

Adoms Narkevičs (Lietuva), kurators Mākslas un izglītības centrā “Rupert”

Andreas Nilsons (Zviedrija), kurators, rakstnieks un kuratora asistents Modernās Mākslas muzejā Malmē

Šelda Puķīte (Latvija), mākslas kritiķe un Rīgas Fotogrāfijas biennāles kuratore 

Vilma Samuļonīte un Gītis Skudžinsks (Lietuva), NoRoutine Books dibinātāji

Amēlija Šīle (Vācija), “Unseen” kuratore


In 2019, the Riga Photography Biennial Programme will be supplemented with a new event – Portfolio Review. The purpose of Portfolio Review is to create an opportunity for emerging and professional artists and photographers to meet industry representatives from the Baltic States and Europe – curators, photographers, art historians, representatives of photography festivals, book publishers and magazine editors. The objective of Portfolio Review is to assist artists and photographers in evaluating their own work (portfolio), offer professional feedback and guidelines for further development and create opportunities for building contacts with industry representatives.

The Portfolio Review is open to applications from participants from any part of the world, there are no age restrictions, submission period - till 20 March, 2019.Participants must prepare a presentable portfolio (1-3 series of work) either in a printed or digital format. Until 1st March the application fee is 70 EUR (for students – 40 EUR), after 1st March 80 EUR (for students – 50 EUR). Each participant is guaranteed to receive five individual portfolio review sessions. The length of each session is 20 minutes. Language: English.

The participants of Portfolio Review are guaranteed to receive 5 individual portfolio review sessions. The length of each session is 20 minutes. Review language: English. You can select 5 experts of your choice. The Riga Photography Biennial’s team will do its best to allocate selected experts, although we reserve the right to assign different experts to your review sessions if your selected experts are already fully booked.

The RPB Portfolio Review will take place on 5 April 2019 from 10:00 until 17:00 at the ISSP Gallery (Berga Bazārs, Marijas street 13 k.3, Riga) and The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia (Berga Bazārs, Marijas street 13, Riga).


Marianne Ager (Denmark), curator at Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture in Odense

Michael Biedowicz (Germany), photo editor and owner of Pavlov’s Dog Gallery 

Krzysztof Candrowicz (Poland), co-founder and curator of the Foundation of Visual Education and the International Festival of Photography in Lodz in Poland, artistic director of the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg in Germany and a curator of Porto Biennial in Portugal

Evita Goze (Latvia), artist, curator, ISSP Gallery

Saara Hacklin (Finland), curator at Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA

Virginija Januškevičiūtė (Lithuania), curator at Contemporary Art Center (CAC) in Vilnius

Solvita Krese (Latvia), curator, director at Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Shoair Mavlian (England), director, Photoworks

Adomas Narkevičius (Lithuania), curator at Centre for Art and Education Rupert

Andreas Nilsson (Sweden), curator, writer and assistant curator at Moderna Museet Malmö

Šelda Puķīte(Latvia), art critic and curator at Riga Photography Biennial

Vilma Samulionyte un Gytis Skudžinskas (Lithuania), founders of NoRoutine Books

Amelie Schuele (Germany), curator at ‘Unseen’

Veronique Bourgoin on ISSP

Veronique Bourgoin on ISSP (31 August 2010):

Welcoming, strong, international, wild, professional, warm, free… the ISSP team produces a perfect cocktail to open up some crazy space for creation.

George Georgiou on ISSP

George Georgiou on ISSP (29 August 2010):

The organization, energy and enthusiasm of ISSP founders is contagious and sets the scene for the whole event. The remoteness of the location brings an intensity that is bonding for all who take part. The inspiration, friendships and energy will live with many for a long time. A week of great creativity and soul searching for all involved.

Andrei Polikanov on ISSP

Andrei Polikanov on ISSP (26 August 2010):

The terrific and dangerously fruitful mixture of talent and youth, creativity and professionalism,responsibility and integrity, curiosity and persistence, joy and freedom- makes the ISSP summer school truly unforgettable. I miss it a lot!

Ville Lenkkeri on ISSP

Ville Lenkkeri on ISSP (24 August 2010):

Enthusiasm, energy and creative craziness seldom materialize in such progressive and altruistic form as in case of ISSP. It is the way of working of the organizers as well as the surroundings that they have chosen that set the atmosphere of the summer school. And the atmosphere is one of joyful creation; brotherhood of attempt, sisterhood of success.

Greetings from Ludza - ISSP 2010 Exhibition

The ISSP 2010 Exhibition was festively opened on 7 August 2010. Visitors are welcome to view the entire collection of artistic projects of 65 participants in Ludza till 2 October 2010.

ISSP evening programme open to visitors

The ISSP Evening Programme at Ezersala boarding school (Ludza district) from 1st till 7th August will be traditionally open for interested visitors and guests! Detailed programme in English here.

Update - ISSP 2010 and Arles

Mesdames et Messieurs! Here you will find the latest ISSP 2010 programmelist of participants (confirmed), and information for participants.

From 5th till ~11 July a considerable part of ISSP team will be in sunny Arles in France, for the Rencontres d’Arles festival! Any photography education establishments who wish to think about joint cooperation projects, or simply to get to know ISSP and enjoy our company and a glass of french vine together are welcome to contact us. You can write to office@issp.lv. À très bientôt! :)

Nordic-Baltic photography education exchange project

Already a bit old news, but great nevertheless - the Nordic-Baltic Culture Mobility Programme has supported our project application and we are starting to implement a short-term networking project called Nordic-Baltic Photography Education Exchange. From now on, closer links with the Union of Photography Artists in EstoniaFine Arts department (Photography) of Estonian Arts Academy in Tallinn, and Fine Arts Department (Photography) of Turku Arts Academy in Finland will be build. The aim of the project is to increase the quality of photography education through synergies and information exchange among the partner institutions. You will also have a chance to meet our project partners’ representatives at ISSP in August!

Selected ISSP participants 2010

Here is the list of selected ISSP participants by workshop - an amazing group from 24 countries! covering 4 continents! :)
Special thanks to our evaluation committee - Arnis Balčus and Iveta Vaivode - for the difficult job of evaluating applications, since there were so many excellent ones…
A notification of the selection results has been sent to every applicant by email.

We are looking forward for participants’ confirmations and to seeing this colorful company come to Ludza!

ISSP 2010 application results coming soon

Dear all, we have completed the selection process and are getting ready to announce the results. The list of ISSP selected participants will be announced to applicants by email and on this site today - tomorrow.

ISSP 2010 applications completed

Dear all, the ISSP Application period is now closed. We have received 182 applications from a total of 41 countries. The runners-up after Latvia (54) are Germany (15), Italy/Russia (11), UK (10), and Finland/Turkey (7). The furthest ones are Canada/US, South Africa, and Hong Kong. We seem to have gone global this year. This is truly exciting, thank you all!

We are looking forward for evaluating the applications! The results of participants’ selection will be known by the end of the month - everyone who applied will hear from us. Have a great month of May! :)

ISSP 2010 Applications - 5 days to go

Just a reminder: the deadline for the ISSP 2010 Applications is 10 May 2010 as announced and will not be prolonged. We will be accepting applications till 24:00 Monday, 10th of May. Any applications arriving later will only be considered for the Waiting list, if at all.

Ps. We are already very excited about the amazing collection of applications that have already arrived (by now from 28 countries, 4 continents)! We wish you all good luck and are looking forward for the selection process!