ISSP Evening Programme in Kuldīga

The talks will be held in English at Kuldiga Art School. Free entrance. 

Lekcijas notiks Kuldīgas Mākslas skolā angļu valodā. Ieeja brīva.

Tuesday 12 March
20:00 Doris Gassert, Curator, Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH)
"SITUATIONS and Post-Photography"
Doris will speak about the SITUATIONS programme at Fotomuseum Winterthur, and about what is sometimes referred to as „post-photography“ - a reflection on current changes within photographic culture and the expansion of photographic media in reaction to digital media and technologies.

Doris Gassert is Research Curator at Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland, where she co-curates SITUATIONS, runs the blog Still Searching… and is responsible for Fotomuseum’s publications. With SITUATIONS, a research lab and exhibition format that investigates current changes in photographic media and culture, she helps develop Fotomuseum’s program and understanding of post-photography. She holds a PhD in media studies from the University of Basel, Switzerland, where she teaches media aesthetics, with a focus on the intermediality and epistemology of photography and the politics of representation.

Wednesday 13 March
20:00 Aron Morel, Publisher, Founder of Morel Books (UK)
"Positions on books and publishing"
The talk will cover a number of key points in relation to the photobooks - the importance of content, different types of publishing, the pros and cons of self-publishing vs cooperating with the publisher, finding the money and other key elements to take into account when making a book.

Aron Mörel is a London-based non-profit independent publisher specializing in limited edition photo and art books. Mörel’s intimate and playful while respectful collaboration with artists is what defines his collections best. Mörel Books is “the final step in an artist’s process and encourages the artist to engage in the conception, design, and feel of the book.” Morel looks at books and artists democratically - with a constant output of established artist as well as emerging artists - including the likes of Antony Cairns, Alix Marie, Thomas Ruff, Boris Mikhailov, Marie Angeletti, Corinne Day to mention a few.

Thursday 14 March
20:00 Peggy Sue Amison, Artistic Director, East Wing Doha Gallery (Qatar-Berlin)
“Whats next? - professionalizing artistic practice"
The talk will cover the key aspects important for the artists who wish to 'clean up their act' and professionalize their practice. Such as 'How do curators work?', 'How does one approach a gallery?', 'How should an artist use social media to promote their works?', 'How to make use of workshops and other events like portfolio reviews, festivals and art fairs?' As well as practical tips on printing editions and copyright issues involved in posting works on the internet.

Peggy Sue Amison is Artistic Director of East Wing; a platform for photography, founded in Doha, Qatar. She is also an independent producer, exhibition curator, consultant, collaborator, editor and writer. Peggy Sue was the former Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre, a multidisciplinary non profit artist residency and exhibition programme in Ireland; one of the founding Board Members of Belfast Photo Festival, N. Ireland; and long-term collaborator with Picture Berlin, an artist residency in Germany. Her curatorial practice has taken her to the UAE, Ireland, China, Germany, Denmark, Poland and the USA. Throughout her career first as an artist, and then as an artistic director, curator and producer, Peggy Sue has first-hand experience of the challenges facing artists and organisations and strives to address these issues in her work, championing emerging and established artists and colleagues internationally.

On Saturday 16 March at 18:00 everyone is invited to the opening of the final Exhibition of the works created by the Masterclass participants and the guided tour by the authors! The exhibition will be open at Kuldīgas Mākslas nams until 7 April.

Supported by/ Atbalsta: Kuldīgas Novada Dome, Kuldiga Art School / Kuldīgas mākslas skola, Kuldīga Artists' Residence

Jodi Bieber on ISSP

Jodi Bieber on ISSP (29 August 2012):
A magical space for students' struggle, growth and realisations in their photographic development with a lot of fun in between. The passion of the ISSP team carried through to all of us allowing amazing bonds to blossom. PLEASE invite me again!

Phil Toledano on ISSP

Phil Toledano on ISSP (28 August 2012):
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from ISSP, but I was suprised on all counts. The level of the students, and their ability AND desire to go beyond what they were used to. I was surprised by the intensity of the experience - how quickly we became a close-knit community, and by how much I got out of it. I was quite sad, when it was all over.


ISSP 2012 Evening programme

As every year, the ISSP evening programme is open to all photography lovers - free of charge! Every evening starting from Sunday, 5 August, till Friday, 10 August, we will offer a series of fascinating presentations and artist talks by ISSP masters and invited guests. On Saturday, the 11th, everyone is invited to the Opening of ISSP exhibition at the new Kuldiga Town Exhibition Hall and screening of participants final works at the open air Goldingen cinema. Take a look at the full programme of evening events and start planning your visit to Kuldīga!

Izsludinām pieteikšanos ISSP Skolai 2012/2014

Pieteikšanās jaunajam ISSP Skolas mācību kursam 2012/2014 ir klāt! Ja Tu padziļināti interesējies un nodarbojies ar fotogrāfiju, vēlies paplašināt savu radošo potenciālu un izpratni par fotogrāfijas mediju, gūstot pieredzi no Latvijas labākajiem fotogrāfiem, ISSP Skola ir domāta Tev! Pieteikumus pieņemam līdz 15.jūlijam. Nodarbības sāksies 2012.gada septembrī. Grupas dalībnieku skaits - 20 cilvēki. 

Fotoprojekciju nakts: FOTOFESTIWAL LODZ / 2012 / THE GRAND PRIX

Sadarbībā ar starptautisko Lodzas fotofestivālu (Polija), 26.jūnijā Kaņepes Kultūras centrā notiks īpašs festivāla satelītpasākums - 12 Grand Prix konkursa finālistu nakts projekcijas. Lodzas festivāla konkursā katru gadu piedalās vairāk nekā 500 fotogrāfu no visas pasaules. 72 minūšu garā fotoprojekcijā, kas pirmo reizi tika demonstrēta festivāla nakts programmas ietvaros š.g. maijā Lodzā, iekļauti 12 festivāla finālistu projekti.

FK par "9 mēneši"

"Kurš gan nezina, ka nepieklājas jūsmot par fotogrāfijām, kurās attēloti kaķīši un mazi bērni." - Vilņa Vēja recenzija par Skolas izlaiduma izstādi "9 mēneši" Fotokvartālā.

Šodien liela diena - notika Skolas pirmais izlaidums. "9 mēnešu" projekti ir apskatāmi arī virtuāli.
Līdz 30.jūnijam nāciet uz izstādi KKC! Pieteikšanos Skolas jaunajam 2012.-2014. gadu mācību kursam sludināsim pēc Jāņiem.

ISSP Skolas izstādes atklāšana

Piektdien, 8.jūnijā, plkst 19:00 Kaņepes Kultūras centrā tiks atklāta pirmā ISSP Skolas absolventu izstāde, kurā ar individuāliem fotoprojektiem piedalīsies 15 Skolas studenti - jaunie Latvijas fotogrāfi. Laipni lūgti uz atklāšanu!