(c) Alejandro Chaskielberg, Roland Paiva's Radiance, 2009

:: ISSP 2016 Evening Programme ::

5 - 13 August 2016 
in Pelči Boarding School /Kuldīga *
-Free entrance-

Traditionally, ISSP 2016 will offer a series of fascinating evening presentations and talks by the ISSP masters and participants at our campus in Pelči, as well as two exhibitions in Kuldīga. The evening programme is free of charge - all photography lovers are welcome!


:: Friday, August 5 ::

17:00 - Kuldīga Photography Residency 2015 Exhibition opening – works by Cemil Batur Gökçeer (TR), Adam Golfer (US) created during the residency in Kuldīga in 2015
@ Kuldīga Artists' Residence gallery, Pils iela 2

:: Sunday, August 7 ::

20.00 – 21.15
- Presentation of ISSP programmes by Julija Berkovica 
- Presentations by Kuldīga Photography Residency 2016 artists - Felicia Honkasalo (FI), Nikolas Ventourakis (GR), Petr Pawlowski (PL/US)
- Artist opportunities @ Townhouse Gallery and Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo by Sarah Bahgat (EG)

21.30 – 23.00 ISSP Participants’ PechaKucha Part I:
Portfolio presentations by Brendan Barry (UK), Kārlis Bergs (LV), Andrea Grützner (DE), Enrico Di Nardo (IT), Alexey Furman (UA), Justina Leston (AR), Fábio Cunha (PT), Nina Weymann-Schulz (DE), Marie Docher (FR), Marco Frauchiger (CH), Philip Beloborodov (RU) 

:: Monday, August 8 ::

20.00 – 21.15 Artist talk by Duane Michals (US) - "Photography and reality" (via Skype) 

One of the great photographic innovators of the last century, Duane Michals is widely known for his work with photography series, multiple exposures, and text. In his talk on photography and reality, Duane will give an overview his photographic philosophy. 

21.30 – 22.45 Artist talk by Anouk Kruithof (NL)

Anouk Kruithof is a Dutch artist who is known for her innovative use of photography within the framework of contemporary art. She will talk about her practice including book-publishing stresspress.biz as well as the Anamorphosis Prize that she has set up.

:: Tuesday, August 9 ::

20.00 – 21.30 Artist talks by Paolo Woods, Gabriele Galimberti (IT)

Paolo Woods dedicates himself to long-term documentary projects that combine photography with investigative journalism. Gabriele Galimberti is a documentary photographer who is telling the stories of people around the world. Both part of the Riverboom collective, their joint projectThe Heavens is the first photographic investigation into the workings of tax havens around the world.

21.45 – 22.30 Artist talk by Alejandro Chaskielberg (AR)

Argentinian photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg has established a reputation for his innovative vision and sensibility that crosses the boundaries between document and art, his signature style combining a unique way of using light and colour.

:: Wednesday, August 10 ::

20.00 – 21.15 Artist talk by Federico Clavarino (IT/ES) - "Speaks true who speaks shadows"

Federico Clavarino defines his work as "originating from problems regarding location in space and in time" - shaping the Imaginary in an effort to reconstruct the world. Clavarino will speak about his newest book The Castle (2016) and the process of making it, as well as his previous publication – Italia o Italia (2014).

21.30 – 23.00 Artist talk by Taiyo Onorato (CH)

Swiss artist Taiyo Onorato works with photography, film and sculpture, since 2003 cooperating with artist Nico Krebs. He will speak about their critically acclaimed collaborations that have been widely showcased all around the world.

:: Thursday, August 11 ::

20:00 - 21:00 ISSP team portfolio presentations: Valentino Bellini (IT), Wikus de Wet (SA), Viktorija Eksta (LV), Ieva Raudsepa (LV), Kristīne Madjare (LV), Evita Goze (LV)

21.00 – 23.00 Artist talk by Jason Evans (UK) - “Stop-look-listen”

Working around art, fashion and street photography, Jason Evans is a multidisciplinary practitioner who has had a broad cultural practice since the early 1990s. He will speak of his practice of image making.

:: Friday, August 12 ::

20.00 – 22.00 ISSP Participants’ PechaKucha Part II: 
Portfolio presentations by Silvia Rosi (IT), Constanze Flamme (DE), Jo Phipps (UK), Akira Otsubo (JP), Nico Müller (CH), Ignacio Fanti (AR), Nathalie Vissers (BE), Grace Gelder (UK), Konstantin Chernichkin (UA), Vojtech Veskrna (CZ), Ula Kahul (PL), Dimitri D'ippolito (IT), Anastasia Soboleva (RU), Pezhman Zahed (IR), Leo Seyers (FR), Laurence Rasti (CH), Ana Lía Orézzoli (IT), Sheung Yiu (HK), Maksim Finogeev (UA), Chiara Dazi (IT), Yuxin Jiang (CN), Simon Brugner (AT), Suzue Naka (JP) 

:: Saturday, August 13 ::

19.30 - Opening of the ISSP 2016 Exhibition
@ at Kuldīga Arts Hall, 1905.gada iela 6

22.00 - Screening of the ISSP final works - at Kuldīga Open-air Cinema
@ Kuldīga town park, Pils iela 5


The aftermath - Riga programme 

:: Tuesday, August 16 ::

18:00 - 20:30 ISSP 2016 Artist talks in Riga: Paolo Woods, Federico Clavarino  
@ The Mill, Brīvības 33

All the talks will be held in English. 

* Address unless specified: Pelči Boarding School, Pelči, Kuldīga district. Google maps: http://ej.uz/location

NB! ISSP does not provide catering or accommodation for guests. You can bring a tent to stay overnight in Pelči or contact Kuldīga Tourism Information centre for options to stay overnight in Kuldīga. It might be possible to find dormitory beds at the campus (bring a sleeping bag). 

Guests are asked to take care not to disturb the work of the ISSP workshops.

Diskusija - What Do Artists Want. ART and LAW

Kuram būtu jāsedz apdrošināšana? Kā novērtēt, kāda ir darba vērtība? Kā rīkoties gadījumā, ja darbs ir bojāts, taču nav apdrošināšanas un līguma? Vai vienošanās e-pastā ir leģitīma? 
5. februārī, plkst. 18.00, VV Foundation aicina uz trešo cikla ''What do artists want?'' sarunu par un ap mākslinieku tiesību jautājumiem ISSP Galerijā.

ISSP 2019 - first thematic edition!

Dear friends, happy and successful New Year to everyone! We are very excited to announce that in 2019 the International Summer School of Photography will be moving to a new location and introducing its first thematic edition - Photography and the World. Mark the dates : 12 - 20 July 2019. The call for applications will be announced in February 2019! 

Artist talk :: Tekla Inari, Anastasia Starikova

Otrdien, 8. janvārī, aicinām uz ISSP Rīgas Rezidences mākslinieču Teklas Inari (FI) un Anastasijas Starikovas (LV/UK) autorvakaru plkst. 18:30 ISSP telpā Berga Bazārā.

On Tuesday, 8th of January 6:30PM, we will host an artist talk by ISSP Riga Residency artists Tekla Inari and Anastasia Starikova - welcome! 

Guided tour and talk :: Diāna Tamane, Commissions

20. decembrī plkst. 18.00 ISSP Galerija aicina uz ekskursiju pa izstādi "Pasūtījums" un tikšanos ar mākslinieci Diānu Tamani un izstādes kuratori Evitu Gozi. Būs iespējams uzzināt vairāk gan par izstādē redzamajiem darbiem, gan par iepriekšējiem projektiem, kuros Diāna sadarbojusies ar savu ģimeni.

On December 20 at 6pm the ISSP Gallery is hosting a guided tour in the exhibition Commissions & talk with the artist Diana Tamane and curator Evita Goze - a chance to hear more about the images in the exhibition and Diana's previous projects involving her family.

Bērnu & ģimeņu diena ISSP Galerijā

ISSP pirmo reizi aicina uz bērnu & ģimeņu dienu!
Svētdien, 25. novembrī, plkst. 12.00 - 14.00

Šobrīd ISSP Galerijā redzama mākslinieces Diānas Tamanes fotogrāfijas izstāde "Pasūtījums", kas ir kopdarbs ar mākslinieces ģimenes locekļiem. Bērnu un ģimeņu dienā būs iespēja tuvāk iepazīties ar izstādi un piedalīties radošā aktivitātē mākslas pedagoģes Noras Vrubļevskas vadībā. Aicinātas piedalīties ģimenes ar bērniem visdažādākajos vecumos! Ieeja bez maksas. 

Diāna Tamane - Pasūtījums

No 16. novembra līdz 19. janvārim ISSP Galerijā būs apskatāma mākslinieces Diānas Tamanes (Latvija/ Igaunija) izstāde "Pasūtījums". Dažkārt Diānas ģimenes locekļi lūdz, vai Diāna nevarētu kādu uzņemt fotogrāfiju, ko pielikt pie sienas. Taču viņu gaume ne vienmēr sakrīt. ISSP Galerijai veidotajā izstādē Diāna plāno beidzot apmierināt savas ģimenes vēlmes. 

From November 16 to January 19, the exhibition "Commissions" by Diāna Tamane (Latvia/ Estonia) will be on view at the ISSP Gallery. Sometimes her family members ask whether Diāna could take some pictures for the living room wall. But their taste does not always coincide. In the exhibition "Commissions" Diāna finally plans to fulfil her family’s wishes. 

Paradise conversations: Collage workshop with Michael Holland and Andrejs Strokins

Aicinām piedalīties kolāžas tehnikas darbnīcā "Paradīzes sarunas" ar māksliniekiem Maiklu Holandu un Andreju Strokinu ISSP telpā 1. - 2. decembrī. Pieteikties aicināti fotogrāfi, mākslinieki, kā arī ikviens ar interesi par kolāžas tehniku un vēlmi atraisīt radošumu. Pieteikšanas līdz 20. novembrim!

ISSP invites you to take part in the Paradise Conversations collage workshop with artists Michael Holland and Andrejs Strokins in Riga on December 1 - 2. The workshop is open to artists, photographers and anyone who is interested in the subject and in unlocking their creativity by trying out collage techniques. Apply by November 20!

Guided tour and talk: Solarophytes by Maija Annikki Savolainen

Sestdien, 29. septembrī, plkst. 15.00 aicinām uz mākslinieces Maijas Anniki Savolainenas vadītu ekskursiju izstādē “Solarofīti” ISSP Galerijā, kuras laikā viņa stāstīs par darbu tapšanas procesu un bioloģe Tita Kotilainena sniegs ieskatu savos pētījumos par saules radiāciju un augu bioloģiju. 

Welcome to a guided tour of “Solarophytes” on September 29 at 3PM at the ISSP Gallery during which artist Maija Annikki Savolainen will talk about her creative process and biologist Titta Kotilainen will present her research on sunlight radiation and plant biology.